My TV list

New stuff (Sep 2021)

  • New stuff marked with a :
  • Added services:
    • [+] HBO Max
    • [?] Hulu
    • [+] Amazon Prime (I just forgot to include before haha)
    • [?] Apple TV
  • New shows:
    • Solos (Amazon)
    • Travelers (Netflix) – season 1 was perfection
    • Doom Patrol (HBO Max)
    • Fear the Walking Dead (Hulu)
    • Last Week Tonight (John Oliver) (HBO Max)
    • Schmigadoon! (Apple)
  • Added “Watchlist” to each service for what we may be hitting next to try out
  • Removed movies – will do a separate page for those

[+] Masterclass

Although a fairly expensive buy-in ($180 per year, can’t pay monthly), this is an amazing streaming service for those who like to be educated for entertainment. Like when Jennie and I take a vacation and we hit up historical sites. Also, it has an app so it works on Roku (woot) and you can also watch it on their website. The only big downside is that this is not “passive stuff” that you can side-watch on a 2nd screen while working (like most anything else I watch), this is pay-attention stuff. As such, I have to plan when to watch. But, consider you can basically get a year in the exclusive Neil Gaiman class on how to write for only $180 and from your couch?? Crazy.

[+] Netflix

The essential streaming service is still delivering big. I am calling out “Master of None” for pulling a crappy “bait and switch” to turn Seinfeld into This is Us: I don’t really care that season 3 was well acted, the switch was just a rude play, thumbs down. Also, pick through the Marvel stuff and don’t miss Daredevil, Jessica Jones, and The Punisher – easily some of the best stuff Marvel has ever done. (But skip Iron First and Defenders, both are pretty bad).

Netflix Watchlist
Clickbait (series)
The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance
Locke & Key
The Witcher
Luke Cage

[+] HBO Max

After an initial 6 month period, we let this lapse for a bit. Then got into Doom Patrol and also got up to speed that the whole “DC Universe” streaming platform was basically given to HBO… so we re-upped and found a few more things of interest. Raised by Wolves is the oddest one, as the first episode was sublime, then every subsequent episode got worse until it was dreadful. So, watch just the first episode 🙂

HBO MAX Watchlist
Room 104
Mare of Easttown
The Nevers
Made for Love
True Blood
The Wire
The Pacific
True Detective
Doctor Who
Lovecraft Country
Perry Mason
Nancy Drew
His Dark Materials
The White Lotus

[?] Hulu

Newer service to us, not really pillaged it properly yet.

Hulu Watchlist
Y: The Last Man
Fear the Walking Dead
The Premise
Killing Eve
American Horror Story
Ordinary Joe
Marvel’s M.O.D.O.K.
The Orville
The Wonder Years

[+] Amazon Prime Video

Prime is a hell of a value if you use Amazon and getting a solid streaming service baked in is sweet. Recently found “Solos” and thought it was terrific. Underground Railroad… well… I liked the music… and unfortunately, I had a far, far better ending in mind.

Amazon Prime Watchlist
The Expanse
Tales from the Loop
The Boys
Carnival Row
The Tomorrow War

[+] Disney+

Given that I like Star Wars, Marvel, and Pixar, this service is a lock-in. And it has delivered so far with these shows below. Outside of them, however, there isn’t much else of interest in the service. But most of this service is the potential… hopefully they can deliver stuff a bit faster in the future.

Disney+ Watchlist
Marvel shows:
Hawkeye (future)
Ms. Marvel (future)
Moon Knight (future)
She-Hulk (future)
Secret Invasion (future)
Iornheart (future)
Armor Wars (future)
Wakanda (future)
Star Wars shows:
The Book of Boba Fett (future)
Andor (future)
Obi-Wan Kenobi (future)
The Acolyte (future)
Ahsoka (future)
Lando (future)
Willow (future)
Just Beyond (future)

[+] Paramount+

Star Trek got us here, plenty of other stuff to watch that is good though. One disappointment is that Jordan Peele did a great job with 2 seasons of Twilight Zone, but then ran out of juice and quit. In the original run of Twilight Zone, I felt every season was fantastic and Rod never ran out of steam… but you could argue his Night Gallery showed the fall in the end and maybe Peele avoided that?

Paramount+ Watchlist
The Equalizer (series)
NCIS: Hawai’iBlue Bloods

[+] Peacock

Some of these shows (Battlestar, The Fall) were not NBC, but there are here now and if you haven’t seen them, do so!

Peacock Watchlist
Save Me
Ray Donovan
Brave New World

[?] Apple TV+

Got this due to getting a new iPad. Undecided on the service, but some stuff is decent. Schmigadoon! made me truly laugh… often. Lisey’s Story is another good example of how giving complete control of a project to the creator can be less effective than using a strong editor. I think King’s brain thinks in novel-length text and the movie/tv style version of stories works better with a very different way of thinking. Lisey’s Story suffered from sluggish pacing and a payoff that wasn’t good enough for the “time investment.” Just cut that stuff in half, and presto, much better.

Apple TV+ Watchlist
The Morning Show
Ted Lasso
Truth be Told
Mythic Quest
Amazing Stories
The Banker
Finch (future)
The Problem (John Stewart) (future)
Invasion (future)

[-] AMC+

Ok so here’s the deal. You PAY for AMC and you DO NOT GET Fear the Walking dead seasons 1-5? I’m out… at least to Hulu where this content is at. /shrug

So, hit me up if you know of good shows I haven’t tried! There is such a sea of content now, it’s a fantastic time to be alive!